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The Lamp is Lighted!

Here grows a fandom for Samavia!

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Name:Here grows a fandom for Samavia!
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Community description:The Lost Prince
This is a community for fans of Frances Hodgson Burnett's novel The Lost Prince. Canon discussion, fanworks, and other related things are welcome. If you post fic here in its entirety rather than linking it, please use an LJ-cut, and please indicate a rating outside of the cut (for example, E or NC-17 for sexually explicit content).

The novel is in the public domain and can be found on The Gutenberg Project.

For purposes of tagging posts, please see the tag conventions on the [ profile] ninth_eagle LJ community.

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frances hodgson burnett, jem ratcliffe, lazarus, marco loristan, samavia, stefan loristan, the lamp is lighted, the lost prince, the rat
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